Title Combined program of agricultural and local health care development in the hinterland of Baixada Maranhense
Place Baixada, Stato del Maranhao, Brasile 
Duration 1998-2003
Partnerships Sipec Foundation ONG (head of group)
Local Partners Acão Social da Prelazia de Pinheiro - Maranhao
Co-financers Italian Ministry of Foreign Affair - MAE
Project Goals The integrated program helped enhance the living conditions of the population of Baixada Maranhense as a condition for preventing rural exodus. The specific objectives pursued were the following:
  • Enhancing hygiene and health conditions, emphasizing maternal and juvenile prevention and health education. Health agents and midwives will be trained at health centers, so they can start to have meetings among themselves at home;
  • Construction of equipped health centers that operate in agreement with local hospitals,
  • Enhancing the social and economic conditions of families who participate in the project, both in agriculture, focusing on technological and structural training elements and in the artisan field, supporting activities already under way,
  • Activation of a service center for agriculture, handled as a partnership,
  • Agricultural production, raising fish, community stable,
  • Construction of a nursery so mothers can work.
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