Title Implementing production, promotion and distribution of flours as complementary food in fighting child malnutrition in the Provinces of Kadiogo, Boulkiemdé and Oubritenga in Burkina Faso.
Place Burkina Faso, Provinces of Kadiogo, Boulkiemdé and Oubritenga
Duration 3 years (2014-2016)

 8x1000 Government

Project Goal
General Goal - The project aims at improving the living conditions of the rural communities of the Kadiogo Province, Boulkiemdé and Oubritenga
Specific goal - The project aims at implementing the production and marketing of flours as food supplement for the prevention and treatment of child malnutrition, and aims at promoting its use in local health facilities in the provinces of Kadiogo, Boulkiemdé and Oubritenga.
Expected Results

1. Implemented production of millet, soybeans and peanuts
2. Improved production standards of production flour units production of the St.Camille Hospital of Nanoro and of the Health Sentre St Louis Temnaore; guaranteed the quality of the produced flour
3. Promoted the use of flours with high protein and energy value meal
4. Strengthen the prenatal and infant consultations in health facilities of the intervention zone

Activities in charge to MMi
  • Production of millet and soybean peanut through endowment of seeds, technical assistance and cultivation of 200 hectares of millet, soybean and peanut.
  • Processing and controlling flours through training of the UPA personnel (Artisan Production Units), provision of a hangar and equipment UPA Nanoro, supervision of Good Manufacturing Best Practices of 4 UPA, quality control of the produced flour, methods of introduction of control of raw materials and products.
  • Marketing and promotion of flours through endowment, promotion and marketing flours.
  • Childhood prenatal performances through:
    • Endowment of a stock of medicines and reagents for prenatal and child services
    • Updating training of the socio-health personnel
  • about 500 miles producers of soybean and groundnut and their families
  • regularly trained 15 operators of the 4 Units of Artisan Production concerning processing and control of flours
  • 5,000 pregnant women and mothers and 8,000 children from 6 to 23 months recipients produced flour and refer ring to the San Camillo Medical Centre in Ouagadougou, the Ospedale San Camillo Nanoro, the Dispensary St. Louis Temnaore and 18 other health centers of District Nanoro.
  • trained 25 health and social agents of the District of Nanoro
  • 150 operators CSPS, CREN, St.Camille Nanoro Hospital and institutional bodies and non-governmental that deal with food safety issue


  • indirect beneficiary of the project will be the entire population of the three provinces, i.e. 553,000 people for the Province of Boulkiemde, 262,000 for the Province of Oubritenga and 615,000 inhabitants of the urban municipality of Bogodogo in the capital Ouagadougou (where the San Camillo Medical Centre is located). The realization of the project in its many activities will also be a good replicable example to other provinces of Burkina Faso.

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