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Your donation is future of life! Your donation: a hope for a better world.

With your donation you can actively participate to:

  • the fight against child malnutrition
  • the fight against AIDS, Malaria, TB and all other infectious diseases which are endemic in countries of sub-Saharan Africa
  • the promotion of mother- and child healthcare, by promoting motherhood assisted
  • the training of health workers on site
  • the training of health agents and social-healthcare education in local communities
  • the training of health workers who place themselves at the service of global citizenship (Course of Infectious Diseases and International Medicine)

 Bonifico postale a Medicus Mundi Italia – IBAN IT11P0760111200 000010699254
 Bonifico bancario a Medicus Mundi Italia - IBAN  IT64P0311111202000000013162

A donation in memory of someone who has passed away, makes her/him continue to live in the smile and in the eyes of all those children, and of all those women and men whom we take care of and we follow every day.

It is our policy sending a letter to the family of the person whom you want to remember. To send personal private data, please write to Cinzia, mail: The data you sent us will be used solely by MMI, in full compliance with the Privacy Act.

Give now in memory:

Postal account transfer to Medicus Mundi Italia – IBAN IT 11 P 07601 11200 000010699254
Bank transfer to Medicus Mundi Italia - IBAN IT64P0311111202000000013162.
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Every donation is tax deductible

A regular donation allows us to better plan our interventions.

With your monthly/annual donation –no matter if small or large - you too will become an active part supporting us in the commitment in favor of the last of the earth.

Activate your regular donation:

Postal account transfer to Medicus Mundi Italia – IBAN IT 11 P 07601 11200 000010699254
Bank transfer to Medicus Mundi Italia - IBAN IT64P0311111202000000013162.
Online donation

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Every donation is tax deductible

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a new way to be supporters

With HUG - Tap to donate, Medicus Mundi Italy offers a new way to support projects to fight HIV \ AIDS in Mozambique, within a coordinated system with the Ministry of Health of Mozambique. A small amount is always a great gift ... Do not forget that. Thanks for sharing ideals and hopes with us.

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google play badgeHUG is an App for mobile giving with the aim to make the act of donating an informed, simple, enjoyable and traceable gesture.
HUG raises money for specific project with a defined budget and action plan for development, based on transparency and reliability criteria.
HUG keeps the donor updated on the implementation of the project and its social impact.

Use the QR Code to download the App on your smartphone and tablet.

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Do Solidale aims to develop and offer services with high technological content that will allow qualified ONLUS (Italian NGO’s recognized by law as Non Profit Organizations with Social Utility) to exploit new fundraising channels. The mission of Do Solidale is to increase private donations to ONLUS through a modern, transparent and safe approach. Click here to read more.

Note on the project
Mozambique is one of five countries in the world where the incidence of new HIV cases is growing steadily.
Since 15 years, the local government of Mozambique has decided to respond in a systematic and organized manner to the emergence of HIV by implementing programs for the dissemination of anti-retroviral combination therapy (TARV), a specific treatment that allows to control the replication of the virus in the body of the patient.
This policy is actually active in much of the country but, for those living in rural areas of the country, the situation is much more complicated: the health centers with the TARV treatment in these areas are few and are difficult to be reached by the population.
To implement these health services across the country, Medicus Mundi supports teams of community workers who reach the most deprived areas, from village to village, to raise awareness, diagnose the infection and thus counteract the epidemic. Since the beginning of 2017, thanks to a very innovative intervention, the same teams have started to offer on-site also antiretroviral therapy, in this way avoiding patients long and difficult journeys to health centers.

This is one of the activities of the Resilient Communities Project in Mozambique. Read more.



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