In today’s complex and continuously evolving economic context, it is harder to create growth, i.e. develop funds and resources necessary to support no-profit actions.

Medicus Mundi Italy firmly believes in the active involvement of businesses to establish collaborations in accomplishing its mission Health for All! Access to healthcare is the right of every human being, for their integration in global citizenship.

MMI believes in the relationship between the profit and the no-profit worlds, where shared values lead to efficient and dynamic actions addressing social needs. Shared values as core business for companies committed to a positive effect on the local context become for us a precious good, implementing our economic strength in pursuing our aims and allowing us to really make a difference.

Act daily to leave a footprint in the future!

If you prefer, contact directly Massimo Chiappa (MMI director) or Monica Franchi (fundraising manager)

Some examples. What we do in:

Burkina Faso

a. € 3,000 = motorbike to supervise nutritional activities in a District’s health centres;
b. € 3,000 = training staff in a centre producing enriched flours + supply of an initial stock of rough materials;
c. € 5,000 = building a storage space for nutritional products in a health centre
d. € 5,000 = building a hangar for nutritional education activities in a hangar
e. € 10,000 = a year of supply of micronutrients (iron, folic acid, zinc, B-group Vitamines) for 2,000 children aged 6-23 months.


a. With € 4,000 we train 20 nurses to prevent, screen and treat acute malnutrition
b. With € 6,000 you can guarantee a supply in vitamins and micronutrients for 100 children with growth delay, for a year
c. With € 10,000 you can guarantee that Brigadas Moveis ensure medical healthcare for the whole Morrumbene District for a year (184 trips to rural communities)
d. With € 15,000 we can purchase nutritional kits with basic food (“minimal basket”) for 25 orphans per month, for three years
e. With € 35,000 we build 2 maternity centres to assist pregnant women in rural areas (Casa Mãe de Espera)

Do not forget our reference numbers:

  • Postal account transfer to Medicus Mundi Italia – IBAN IT 11 P 07601 11200 000010699254
  • Bank transfer to Medicus Mundi Italia - IBAN IT 53 C 03500 11202 000000013162 - BICBCABIT21
  • Online donation

Cause-related marketing

To support a Good Cause represents, for a company, a way to reach its commercial and image goals, whilst contributing to an important social cause. Together we can devise a co-branding strategy, so that all parties involved gain from the partnership.
For example: a for-profit business promotes social solidarity activities amongst its employees, not only in the form of fund raising or of a more direct payroll giving, but, for instance, by devolving hours and professional expertise to the training of a no-profit organization staff.

Goods and Services

An example of joint fund raising partnership – MMI offers a simple and free of cost partnership strategy: in compliance to the business mission, the company’s resources (network, services, newsletter, periodicals, etc.) are at the Association’s disposal to promote Medicus Mundi Italy’s initiatives. The agreement leads to a joint fund raising partnership, in which the for-profit company offers its support to the no-profit cause and acts as an intermediary in the fundraising activities towards its large network of distribution (partners, suppliers and stakeholders in general).
Points Collection
Your business’s rewards and vouchers catalog can include one of our socio-healthcare projects, which your customers can support via the points collected.

For any question, please contact directly Massimo Chiappa (MMI director) or Monica Franchi (fundraising manager)



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