Budget 2017

The Annual Budget 2017 has been approved by the General Assembly of December 19th, 2016. It concerns only the economic aspects of management (ie those which will be indicated in the financial statement at the time of final balance) and it consists of the following items:


Funds to be raised by MMI for projects:

The economic commitment required to MMI in 2016 with regard to their share of projects planned in 2017 refers to the project co-financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Burkina Faso ("Project 1,000 days), and to those one in Mozambique and Brazil. The project costs of "Pediatric AIDS" project in Burkina Faso mainly relate to logistics management expenses (home and car) that MMI has to bear in Ouagadougou. Some projects - such as Burundi-ATS Kiremba (co-finenced CEI) and Ecuador-FOCSIV (co-financed 8xMille CEI) - do not appear in this Budget, since the NGO does not have to collect money for them.
The Budget highlight costs of the development / reporting of projects based on the use of employee share: Marzia Lazzari and Massimo Chiappa, catering specifically to the projects function in proportion.

Funds to be raised: € 127,200
Costs for activities in Italy: € 39,000
Structural costs: € 77,100

Total Outflow: € 243,300

Budget 2017

(interactiv document)

It is important to note that the commitments made by MMI for the financial part of the project a must be considered as costs (communication and the structure of fixed costs). In order to be able to cope with them, MMI shall be able to collect the funds listed below in 2017:

TOTAL INCOME: € 243,300

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