Balance 2014

The Annual Balance 2014 was approved in the Ordinary General Meeting on April 30, 2015.

On the 31st December 2014, the Financial Statement resulted in a surplus of € 19.00.

The charts below highlight the share-out of incomes, the destination of received donations and the amount of donations devoted to cooperation projects.

To verify all details, balance sheets are available on the MMI website

2014 Balance Sheet Data of Medicus Mundi Italy

(interactive document)

€ 570.390

Total donations received in 2014

10 healthcare and social-healthcare projects

The NGO saw the collaboration of 17 expatriated members of staff and volunteers, of medical and technical staff on short missions, together with hundreds of local staff.

The NGO contributed directly to improve living conditions of 60,000 individuals

Chart of the total donations received in 2014

Value in €

Specific allocation of contributions received in 2014 with regards to international cooperation projects

Value in €

Share-out and allocation of total donations received in 2014

Value in €

2014 Budget - Italian only 2014 Balance - Italian only
Relazione Presidente al Bilancio Preventivo 2014 pdfRelazione del Presidente 2014
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