History – Who we are

Medicus Mundi Italy is a not-for-profit (ONLUS) and a non-governmental organization (NGO) specialized in social and international healthcare  cooperation. Founded in Brescia (Italy) in 1968, it is part of the international network Medicus Mundi International - Network Health for All! that is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO resolution EB 63R27).

MMI is a nonconfessional, free and independent association.

Endowed with a Charter (1980), MMI received the first accreditation via a decree issued by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1988.

It is Member of Focsiv (Federation of Christian Organizations for International Volunteer Service), and, from 2011, Associate Member of the Italian Institute of Donation.

Budgets, annual Reports, Certification, Charter, By Laws, Code of Ethics and Organization Chart are published on the website (www.medicusmundit.it), as an act of transparency, to all the co-financing partners and to all the generous donors.

From the beginning, the vision of Medicus Mundi has been oriented to a volounteer professional cooperation for development, in close correlation with the WHO principles. In this sense, the Alma Ata Declaration of 1978, which was ratified by over 150 countries, has indicated the values which, based on human rights, postulate health for all and constitute an essential reference for all organizations active in this field: health programs are accessible to all, adapt to the socio-cultural development of individual countries, are included in the national health plan and are supervised by independent technical committees.

MMI’s decision to focus on the need to promote and support adequate human resources in health, as well as financially and materially, followed. Our main objective is to share the abundance of health technologies and the know-how medical science of the more developed countries with disadvantaged populations in developing countries.

Showing an astonishingly visionary perspective, the founders of Medicus Mundi Italy placed the professional voluntary as a base value of the association, and as an essential link in building a better world. According to their professional category, Auditors and Members of the association have been and continue to be active, fundamental figures for the realization of the human ideals and the realization of the Charter mission.

Medicus Mundi Italy has operated in more than 40 countries, respecting their cultures and in accordance with the local institutional bodies. At present, MMI runs long-term projects in Burkina Faso, Burundi, Mozambique, Brazil, Ecuador thus ensuring continuity and operational training of the local social-healthcare staff.

As part of a policy of sustainable long-term development with the communities of partner countries, MMI also increasingly cooperates with Italian partners, contributing its specificities and skills, the ideal and territorial proximity and common strategic perspective as its assets. This network works on integrated projects with joint actions concerning health, health and hygiene, social issues (with particular attention to education and empowerment of women), agriculture, etc.

Since 1988, MMI organizes a Course of Tropical Diseases and International Medicine focusing on the multiplicity and complexity of healthcare in a context of increasing global citizenship, the course is also a training opportunity of primary importance for health professionals (and not only) operating in Italy in the service of migrants. Thus, the course has become an essential complement in the process of solidarity and civic integration for the migrants themselves.

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